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Terroir-Driven: The Waterford Whisky Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Waterford Whisky has been years in the making. Before the establishment of the distillery and before terroir-driven spirit flowed from the stills on the banks of the River Suir, founder Mark Reynier spent a career in the wine and Scotch whisky world. Inspired by a different approach to the growing of vines and barley, Mark applied the insights gleaned in the years prior to his arrival in Waterford to the planning of a very different type of whisky distillery.


In this first episode of Terroir-Driven: The Waterford Whisky podcast, Mark Reynier opens up about the events that led him to Ireland’s South East and shares with host Barry Chandler how he set about building a new approach to whisky making from farm to bottle.


This episode takes us all the way back to the beginning - to the genesis of an idea and what it took to bring the idea of terroir-driven whisky to life.